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Hi! I am Youjin Do, a creative maker, documentary director and published author. What makes me most happy is creating ideas and realizing them to make meaningful social changes.My work has been featured in TIME Magazine, Quartz, Forbes, Huffington Post,, South China Morning Post, The Next Web, Tech In Asia, Korea Herald, Korea Times, NAVER, SBS Korea, Cosmopolitan, Grazia and many others.



37th Annual IDA Documentary Awards Nominee / Best Short
2023 SIMA AWARDS Finalist & Special Mention / Short Documentary

Director/Producer: Youjin Do

When a journalist begins investigating spy cam porn, a crime that affects thousands of women every year in South Korea, she finds that she is also being watched in her own home. As her investigation deepens and she begins speaking out, a movement builds as women across the country demand protection.


Director/Producer: Youjin Do (72 min.)

A documentary looking at the rise of the digital nomad around the world. Future of work or just another passing fad? Through interviews with advocates, academics and authorities, this film examines issues surrounding the supposed "dream life".


Director: Youjin Do
SOUTH KOREA / Korea Exposé (14 min.)

Two years ago in South Korea, a woman was murdered in Gangnam. It was a senseless death that changed the landscape of feminism in South Korea. Here are the stories of the women who want to reclaim the "dirty F-word" into a language of empowerment.


Director/Producer: Youjin Do (24 min.)

MOVE!(움직여!) is a web video series that tells the stories of women in constant motion—running, kicking, climbing, and breathing. It's a narrative about moving and functioning bodies, not as objects to be seen and judged. It delves into the beginning, inspiration, and transformations of women engaged in yoga, pole sports, judo, and futsal. Dr. Leem So Yeon, a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies, and Seo Min-jeong, a personal trainer, provide commentary as we capture these stories through vivid images.


My Life Isn't Your Porn: Why South Korea's Women Protest

Watch the largest rally attended only by women in South Korean history.

BBC NEWS - Seoul's over-65s disco 'like medicine' for seniors

A daytime disco for over-65s in the Korean capital Seoul is giving seniors a new lease of life.

Seoul Queer Culture Festival

Despite boisterous counter-protests by Evangelical Christians, South Korea's persecuted LGBT community came together in downtown Seoul to celebrate diversity.

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